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Latest News!

For one, do you intend to add fraymotifs and if so how will they function? and two, does the abilities tab say 11% and if so why pls?

Fraymotifs will be a thing, yes. It’s kind of a complicated system but one that we’ve already discussed and agreed upon. I won’t explain how exactly it will work in case we change it in the future.

For the background update, Can we actually jump off the ledge or will there be invisible wall

You can, but you’ll just lose health and respawn back in the apartment.

Progress Update

Been a while. No, we aren’t dead. The hiatus is over and we’re back! We have a few things to share about the next update.

First of all, backgrounds!

A few people were asking if their houses will ever show up on the planet when they enter the medium. Yes, yes they will. We also have backgrounds for pre-entry, so that your house isn’t floating in an endless limbo of grass.

It’s worth mentioning that these backgrounds are not fully explorable.

Second of all, we’ve done a lot of progress on quests! Now, some NPCs can give it out quests, and they can be completed for rewards.

Misc features:

-A new keybinding menu

-Better Imp AI

-More items

-A way to report bugs in-game

That’s all folks! See you next time. Update coming soon