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Latest News!

It’s our birthday!

… and to celebrate, we’re going to do not one, but two streams this weekend! This way there will always be a stream that’s not at three in the morning.

The first stream will be on Saturday 8 PM GMT (3 PM EST) and the second on Sunday noon GMT (7 AM EST), both on our YouTube channel and in our Discord server. We’ll be showing off some new features that’ll be there in the next version and talk about what’s planned. See you there!

will the game always be free to play?


Will we be able to upload our own customized sprites for our character? (As in hair, clothes, glasses, etc) PS: Currenly loving the game!!!

Glad to hear you’re enjoying it! You can already kind of make custom clothes and glasses with the item creator, but you have to dig through the files manually and it gets messy. We’re definitely going to add a better way to do it.