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Latest News!


Hello, everyone! We’re pleased to announce that we’ve been able to break into the offices of What Pumpkin Games obtain through 100% legal means the story, concept art, and gameplay footage for Hiveswap: Act 3!
That’s right, and what’s more, we have it all here in a book in The Genesis Project, which you all will be able to access in the new update!

Sorry that we haven’t had much news up till now -  we were busy evading the What Pumpkin lawyers doing good work on the game, and didn’t want to give anything away until we were absolutely sure it was 100% safe we were ready to release a full and complete official statement.

Hope you all enjoy the new update, which is being released tomorrow!

of Grist and Grace

Today is Homestuck’s 12th birthday, so to celebrate we managed to time it with update 0.4.13 of The Genesis Project, of Grist and Grace. Sburb, now with

Download links here (and in our Discord server’s store channel). Have fun!

We’ve tried a lot of things, but the Big Sur version of Mac does not seem to like TGP or even Unity games in general. For now, you might be able to fix it by running the following command:

xattr -d /path/to/application/The\ Genesis\

The Genesus Project


Sorry, everyone! We know you were looking forward to the super exciting update, which was supposed to be releasing today, where you would get to know the juiciest tidbits of info on Hiveswap: Act 3, but we have just received a Cease and Desist letter from Hussie himself.

This means that we’ll have to shut the entire project down unless we remove all Homestuck-related imagery and concepts. Not to worry - we’ll be able to salvage whatever work we’ve already done if we use a totally original concept. Thus, we present to you The Genesus Project, a completely reworked game with absolutely no Homestuck licensing at all!


In “The Genesus Project” update (download links below), you’ll be able to play as the T EAMmates, who are stranded in their houses, and have to quickly figure out who the real IMPoster is! It’s a game of social deduction and a totally original concept that I hope you’ll all come to enjoy just as much as the original Genesis Project!