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I just wanted to ask if you are planing to create a way for people to connect without port forwarding. i have friend who live in different countries and i really wanna play with them

We have added a couple of ways to connect without port forwarding that it automatically tries (”UDP punching“ and UPnP), but they’re not always as reliable. When the lobby system is done it’ll hopefully become better, because then the game will also give better feedback on why it failed and it can take more time to connect.

Hi there! I hope no one has asked this question yet but; I just recently downloaded the game with some friends and we were talking about making custom items. Is there a specific set of dimensions we need to make the image or will they resize themselves when you put them into the game?

You’ll need to make sure it matches the player’s size (which is about 200×300, I’ve added the player base below). You’ll also need to make sure that the point where you’re supposed to hold the weapon is in the middle of the image.

I'm having trouble putting together a multiplayer session, when we play it doesn't allow me to interact with my partner

The other players need to wait until the host is fully in-game, then refresh the session browser and click Join. If the second player also clicks Host that will happen.