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I found your project the other day and my friends and I are messing around in the test session to try and understand the game before making a session. I have a couple of questions if you don't mind. What are the schematics of the quizzes/what options lead to what god tier? Additionally, where would you like suggestions/bugs reported? If you even want things like that pointed out. Thank you so much! We are really excited to play!

You can see the files for the personality quiz in The Genesis Project_Data\StreamingAssets\Quiz; it picks 12 random questions from one of these files. Which answers lead to which classpects should be pretty self-explanatory (but the “growth“ quiz file gives the exact opposite outcome of the normal one, so be mindful of that). If you just want a certain classpect you don’t need to take the quiz, though.

If you have suggestions or bugs, definitely do point them out! The easiest place would be in our discord. Twitter, email, Tumblr, and the bug report form also work (as long as we can easily respond to ask for clarification).

Will there be more land themes? it feels kind of unfitting lava planet s have this cheerful tune when you explore them.

Yes! The musicians have made some new ones (pretty good ones too, if you ask me) and they’re still working on more.

when was the last update?

6 months ago (or on April Fools’ if you count that one)