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The update you’ve been waiting for!

We’ve heard you, and we’ve delivered more sprites! From old sprites you used to know and love, to new sprites you can discover on your own! Cool, right?

Each of the starting houses has a couple of new items hidden in it, so you’ll always have a chance to get your hands on one of these cool, new sprites. Do you want those things in your own custom house? That’s also possible! Just look in the deployment menu and the atheneum and it’ll all be there.

There are some old sprites brought to life once more, such as Slimersprite and the classic, the legend, Duttonsprite! An essential addition to ANY session!

As always, the update also contains some other new features, fixes and bugs, but the important thing is that there are 24 new sprites, so enjoy!

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hey sorry if this is a stupid question but how am i able to see the name of my land?

It’ll show up when you hover over it in the map tab.

I don't know if this has been asked and answered but when items are combined in alchemy will a combination of the two items be created or will it just be one item or the other? (I.e Katana && Ice Cube)

It’ll often combine the properties and stats of both, but only use the (sometimes slightly altered) image of one of the items. Some combinations do have unique art, though.