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Latest News!

Wait is the ability to play with other people already a thing!? If so how?

It’s been in for a while already, yes! It’s just missing some convenience features right now, but those should be coming soon™.

To play together, one of you creates a new session and invites everyone else (make sure to get the name exactly right, including capitals, and press the “Invite“ button). Create your character as normal, and once you’re completely done with that the others can join by refreshing their session browser and clicking the “join“ button.

How many lands are there currently?

There are 13 “biomes“, that decide the colours of the land and things like how common and big mountains and rivers are. Then there are 47 different actual lands, that pick one of the biomes and fill it with things like bird baths, graves or just trees.

Will shops have sprites for the shopkeeper and his/her wares?