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Hi, excited to try the new update, but when I try to run it AVG quarantines it for being infected with "IDPGeneric". Not sure if that's an issue with the download (windows64) or something else, but I figured I should say?

TGP tends to get marked as IDPGeneric because it’s an executable from an unknown source that does things with internet and files, and that scares antivirus programs (some will even delete the game because of that). You could check the game with something like virustotal if you want to be sure.

Will there be any animated bits for any parts of the game like the [S]'s, specifically god tiering or meeting your denizen?

Yes. I’m not sure if we’ll do it for meeting your denizen, but we will definitely have it for god tiering and probably also for entering the medium.

are the lands supposed to be flat now? i'll admit i've only played about 2-3 test sessions since the update, but every time there's been a sort of edge to the land that is completely dark and i cannot pass, and it feels a lot quicker to get to the consorts compared to the last version of the game. is this a test session only thing? also i can't talk to my sprite after the initial text when first entering the medium. sorry for the giant paragraph, loving the new update though.

Yes, they’re flat now. It makes a lot of things easier to do (like the simpler map and actually having your house on your land) and less buggy (no more camera weirdness, for one thing). Eventually we want to make it so the planet loops, but for now the map will have edges. We now also make sure there are exactly four consort villages and the first gate takes you to one of them.
We want to do something fancier for the “asking your sprite questions“ part, so that’s disabled for now.