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Ever wanted to play SBURB as a real videogame? UPDATE 0.4.9 for The Genesis Project is finally here!! In this very large...

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Playing The Genesis Project and made too many Warhammers of Zillyhoo so now you’re bored? Finished making that 100atk weapon...

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TGP Multiplayer not working? Try these 4 simple fixes!

Does your multiplayer not work anymore? Have you been tearing your hair out for over an hour? Got a friend over to play but TGP didn’t work for you and now they’re avoiding you? Please try one of these fixes:

  1. Create a new account on the official website. This fix in particular should work if you’re using an account created during version 0.4.8 or earlier.
  2. Read our Multiplayer Guide for Assholes, which will guide you through port forwarding and firewall bypassing. This fix works if the game is telling you that UDP punching has failed, etc.
  3. Go to our Discord and ask others for help in the #helpline channel. This fix works if your computer is possessed/drenched in slime/full of various horse parts/just plain weird.
  4. Cry. Then try steps 1-3 again. Then maybe cry again, because your Internet is probably being weird and bad.