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I know this wouldn't be relevant for a LONNNNG time, but here goes. Would, post 1.0, non-Troll or Human characters be creatable? Example: Being able to make a Carapace or Exile and run around on Prospit/Derse or Future Earth respectively, possibly indirectly affecting the main group of player's session in some way?

That’s a really really really big “probably not.” Trolls are going to be a big update as is, but adding Exiles that could ALSO affect other sessions through time shenanigans (which we have already stated are nearly impossible to design in a non-linear game) is a huge undertaking and one that we probably aren’t going to try.

is there a reason there's two instances of pesterchum? (one on the pc/pda and one on the lower right corner)

The one in the lower right corner talks to everyone, the other version is for talking to a specific person. Some people like to use the first one for OOC chat and the second one for RP.

Hey there, so I've been wanting to play with my friends but they're not all close to my location, are you gonna find a way to do some cross-server junk at some point in the future?

Connections are peer to peer, so distance should not affect who you can connect to. However, they will probably affect the quality of the connection.