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Would greater levels of mod support eventually be implemented (Examples: Custom Sprite combos and their corresponding affects on Underlings, Custom Consorts(I assume thats gonna be the main source of Quests in the next build), Custom accessories, ect)?

This kind of ties in with the other answer (we have a modding API coming up), but you can already add in custom clothing by editing the right asset bundle in The Genesis Project_Data\StreamingAssets\AssetBundles. In the coming update, prototypings also become asset bundles you can edit (with the right software).

please put up the code on github so people can do pull requests and extensions without having to join the team!

We have a modding API coming up that’ll let you make extensions easily.

right now, the camera only seems to rotate between two set angles, will we be able to rotate the camera more freely in later builds? I have lost some items because the camera wasn't able to see them even after rotating, as they were blocked by furniture or the like.

You can use ctrl+click to pick up the nearest item, but as soon as all the necessary art is done we’ll make it possible to rotate in four steps.