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has skaia been added yet and if so how do we get there

Skaia isn’t in yet.

Regarding the quest, it says to go into the dungeon. What dungeon? Sorry if thats a dumb question

Any dungeon on your land. Depending on what kind of land you have, they either show up as as a hill with a pipe, a hill with a simple building or a pyramid.

Hi, excited to try the new update, but when I try to run it AVG quarantines it for being infected with "IDPGeneric". Not sure if that's an issue with the download (windows64) or something else, but I figured I should say?

TGP tends to get marked as IDPGeneric because it’s an executable from an unknown source that does things with internet and files, and that scares antivirus programs (some will even delete the game because of that). You could check the game with something like virustotal if you want to be sure.